Mission Satement

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By focusing on immigrant children from the early 1900s, we hope to better enable students to connect with history.

Immigrants came for the American dream: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For many immigrants, however, this dream was beyond their reach. During the long and arduous journey over the ocean, countless people passed away. It was also common for family members to get separated. Alone in a new country and unable to speak the language, children were at the mercy of charity organizations. For the immigrants who did pass through Ellis Island, life was rife with poverty, unequal income, prejudice, and hazardous and even deadly working conditions.

Our objective is to give a voice to the Lost Children of Ellis Island. We hope to educate both children and adults about the plight of immigrants. The American Dream continues to draw immigrants to the United States. Like those of the early 20th century, today’s immigrants find that the dream is not easily attainable. We hope to enlighten people’s minds and cause them to empathize with today’s immigrant. We, in conjunction with the Center for Migration Studies, are dedicated to the promotion of understanding between immigrants and accepting communities, and furthermore, are devoted to the support of public policies that safeguard the rights of immigrants.

Author: Melissa Henderson

Images courtesy of: © Saint Raphael’s Society Annual Reports. Center for Migration Studies, New York. Image Collection #005.


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